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We received a complaint about Office Depot and we checked it out and here's the scoop.

Have you ever been turned down for credit and the reason was that you had too many inquires on your credit report? And you wonder how that happens when you haven't asked for a credit card from certain companies. 

It seems that if you purchase any thing over $700.00 at Office Depot and pay by check, they will get (with out telling you or asking your permission) a credit report on you!   They will not check with your bank or credit card company.  And if they do not like the state of your credit report will deny you the purchase, even though you may have more than enough money in the bank or credit on your credit card!  Every time someone gets a credit report on you it goes on your credit report and stays there for we believe a year to 3 years.  If you have too many inquiries on your report you can be turned down for credit simply based on that.  

Don't forget you are not applying for an Office Depot credit card or anything like that.  You are just trying to make a purchase with a check or credit card.  We were told that they cannot trust the bank or credit card company.  Office Depot puts your check number into a system to "check" it and the company that Office Depot employs to do this pulls your credit report on any purchase over $700.00.   

So perhaps you would be better off making your purchases at a different store like Office Max, Staples or one of the other stores that might be more straight forward and truthful.   By the way if you try and find out why this has happened (you've called your bank and know the money is there) it will take them about 3 to 4 weeks to give you a reply.


We were notified about a week and a half to two weeks ago by KeyTech Internet, that they have sold us to FullNet.   We received a letter telling us of 
the sale.  It said in part "Exciting news from Keytech Internet Company, your Internet Service Provider.  Our Galstar and Keytech customers serviced by our Tulsa facility have been acquired by FullNet Communications Inc., the largest and fastest growing Oklahoma-owned Internet Service provider in the state. I am confident that you will continue to enjoy the same high quality of service from FullNet that you have received from Galstar and Keytech in the past.

FullNet offer 24-hour Live technical support. A local Internet Service Provider that is serious about customer support........ 

The letter concludes with "We will strive to ensure a smooth transition and will continue to work closely with FullNet through the entire process......

We also got a letter from FullNet with the above Keytech letter which said in part "We at FullNet appreciate your business and look forward to earning your trust..... FullNet has live Customer Service Representative available 24 hours a day to handle your technical support needs......From time to time we experience extremely high call volume requiring you to leave a message on our automated voicemail system.  We will return your phone call as soon as possible in the order in which it was received.  We are ready to help you with your questions and concerns......Again, welcome to FullNet.  This is going to be a great relationship!..........

Having given you some background of the changes we have had, we want to apologize to all our customers and visitors for all the problems we have been experiencing since Monday, Dec 10, 2001 and are still experiencing.  We have received may phone calls and e-mails (at our alternate email address) and have explained to you exactly what our problems were and what we were doing to try and correct them.  Here is a status report for you.
   1)Monday/Tuesday - Dec 10/11, 2001 we were unable to log into our new Internet Service provider.   We were finally able to clear that up on Tuesday.
    2)Wednesday thru Monday - Dec 12/13/14/15/16/17/18,19,20,21,22,23,24, 2001 and it continues for some of our web sites.  Our web sites were down.  We had one up late Thursday, the others are still not up. We have been told that the remaining sites are not a high priority and will be up hopefully some time later in the week.
   3) Saturday/Sunday - Dec 15/16, 2001  Except for a few hours on Saturday nite, our email was not working.  We were able to get into the email Early AM Monday morning Dec 17.  We were advised to expect some more outages on the email this week.  Duration unknown and dates unknown.  Baokdotcom thanks your for using our alternate email address.  
Some of you are also Galstar customers and told us that you have called FN last week and have not received any replies yet. All we can tell you  as the FullNet letter states, "From time to time we (FullNet) experience extremely high call volume requiring you to leave a message on our automated voicemail system.  We will return your phone call as soon as possible in the order in which it was received."

We will keep you updated.  Thanks for your patience and please accept our sincerest apologies.

Best Wishes,


4)Latest status report it is now Monday Dec 17, 2001 10 AM and our email is down again. Please use the alternate to contact us.

5)Email is now up Tuesday Dec 18.2001 01:00 AM

Final outcome, We left Fullnet.  They refused to refund our money (the crooks that they are).  Word to the wise AVOID FULLNET ISP  AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!




If you have a scoop let us know e-mail us @



Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the accuracy of our scoops but every effort is made to sure they are as accurate as possible.



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